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BAT can offer experienced professional independent support to government policy makers, financial service and risk management companies, coastal development groups, aquaculture growers and processors, as well as to companies and individuals looking to enter the aquaculture field both at the supply and production levels. Before you buy another aquaculture farm, we can help you determine its potential value.
BAT can institute an inventory management data system for lenders, shareholders, and credit institutions, whether they need to conduct ongoing farm audits, inventory stock and gear, complete liquidation of stock in production, or settle a bankruptcy. We can provide:
Farm Audits
s On-site audits for accounting and consulting firms
s Stock and farm evaluation for shareholder stock plans (goodwill)
s Independent farm evaluation for expansion by corporate producers
or promoters
s Consolidaiton of assets and value of stocks at sea requiring
independent evaluations
Acquisitions & Buyouts
s Farm evaluation before liquidation, bail-out, or refinancing
and scheduling
s Finanical analyses for feasibilty studies
s Independent audit checks following investment by funding
s Bio-technical evaluations for potential investments, acquisitions,
or divestiture
s Production modelling and growth potential for expansion
Legal & Insurable
s Farm evaluation and autopsy following destruction, damage,
or loss of production
s Forensic analysis for insurance brockers, legal claims,
and financial restitution
s Sell-side due diligence to evaluate worth of divestiture
s Advice to banks, credit institutions, and liquidators
s Grant and loan guarantee with financial structuring
s Corporate structure and legal contracts
Contract Retainers
s Advising manufacturers on how to fast-track their product or solution
into the aquaculture industry
s Adapting products from existing industry to meet aquaculture needs
s Feedback to established industry leaders seeking entry in
s Confidential, independent perspective on global trends in aquaculture
s Counsel to government advisory boards and policy-makers
s Stakeholder position on board of directors
Equity for Service
s Long term commitment in successful ventures through equity
s Exchange of service for equity to ensure viabilty and profitability

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