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BAT was created to provide fish farmers with qualified information and technical expertise by professionals with business backgrounds, entrepreneurial experience, and formal training in marine ecology and oceanography, who understand that their measurement of success is your bottom line.
BAT will investigate areas for farm improvement by reducing production cycles and improving productivity. We will look into biological monitoring and interpretation, and we will help with management and labour streamlining for result-oriented production. We can provide:
Farm Evaluation
s (Pre)Feasibility Studies
s Evaluation of the bio-physical potential of farms
s Infrastructure, equipment and boat evaluation
s Cost performance and production efficiency
Best Management Practices
s Implementation of structured husbandry methods
s Improvement of production efficiency through mechanization
and scheduling
s Control of production cycle to maximize growth performance
s Biological monitoring and data interpretation to increase yields
s Biofouling control strategies to increase growth and survival
s Management and labour training to streamline operations
On-site Process Engineering (Technology Transfer)
s State-of-the-art equipment to maximize work efficiency and safety
s Innovation, product engineering and development
s Technology transfer adapted to your specific conditions
s Offshore aquaculture
s Logistical set-up, trouble shooting, gear deployment
s Evaluation of anchor, buoy and rope strengths and designs
s Gear design, boat and starwheel successes and failures
s Conceptual plans and financial modelling for profit
Grow-out Technologies
s Evaluation of needs, equipment selection and installation
based on site specifics
s Submerged longline technologies, raft culture, FLUPSYs,
best-fit grow-out gear
Labour and Safety Training
s Labour training to streamline operations
s Safety protocols on land and at sea
Result-oriented approach in production and harvesting
s Mechanization efficiencies, component wear, scheduling
s Harvest strategies to maximize grow-out and turnover time
s Socking and re-seeding technologies to suit your water depth
Polyculture Applications
s Polyculture applications adjacent to finfish sites
s Off bottom culture technologies within effluent ponds
s Multi-species on/off bottom shellfish grow-out strategies
s Gear efficiency design and multi-use adaptation

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