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Features and Benefits
of Bio-Cord

  • Does not require frequent cleaning due to the cords' ability to cast off accumulated solids via gravity while maintaining activity; resulting in water treatment that is more stable.
  • A properly designed system is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • The Bio-Cord system can be included in the design of new or retrofitted to existing recirculation systems; this flexibility allows for site specific applications.
  • Increased amount of surface areas holds a large quantity of microorganisms per unit length compared to other bio-filter media; therefore less area is taken up by the bio-filter.
  • Inexpensive to operate and maintain. A four million gallon unit requires only a total of 30-hp and 2 hours per day of attention to ensure operational parameters. Due to the high solids removal, settling ponds lagoons do not have to be cleaned out as often.
  • 97% nitrogen and 98% solids removal with right chemistry.
  • By reducing the solids, you reduce the BOD (biological oxygen demand) therefore less oxygen is required, also lowers phosphorus and nitrogen levels.
  • Other advantages include: reduced odor and make up flow is decreased.
  • In fish applications it provides food for microbiological feeders as well as a substrate for eggs sacs (when deployed directly in the water column)
  • Effective in high sludge applications, up to 10% TSS (total suspended solids) such as fish farm settling ponds, hog lagoons.
  • Bio-Cord is lightweight and void fraction is large therefore installation and maintenance is easy.

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