Bio-Cord Technical Specifications

What type and how much of Bio-Cord do I need?

There are five types of Bio-Cord available. The proper type and amount to use depends on the BOD (biological oxygen demand) and amount of suspended solids.

Depending on site specifics and method of installation, previous dynamic applications have required from 1.5 m to 5 m per cubic meter or 3.7 feet to 12 feet per cubic yard of water to be treated.

This guideline can also be used:

Product Code
Overall Diameter
Rope Core Diameter
Surface Area
Breaking Strength
WQ-111 Polypropylene White 45mm 5mm 3.4 kg/100m 2.8m2/m 74 kg
WQ-112 Vinylon & Polypropylene Brown & White 45mm 5mm 3.4 kg/100m 1.63m2/m 74 kg
WQ-113 Polyvinylidene - Chloride Blue 45mm 5mm 5.5 kg/100m 1.42m2/m 74 kg
WQ-114 Binylon Brown 45mm 5mm 3.3kg/100m 0.55m2/m 74 kg
WQ-116 Nylon & Tetron White 25mm 3mm 1.6kg/100m 0.42m2/m 60 kg

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