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Number of Square Meters in One Meter of Each Type of Bio-Cord:

  • BC-1 (Polypropylene) - 2.8m2 / m
  • BC-2 (Vinylon & Polypropylene) - 1.63m2 / m
  • BC-3 (Polyvinylidene-Chloride) - 1.42m2 / m
  • BC-4 (Vinylone) - 0.55m2 / m

Number of Cubic Meters in One Meter of Each Type of Bio-Cord:

  • BC-1 (Polypropylene) - 280m3 / m
  • BC-2 (Vinylon & Polypropylene) - 160m3 / m
  • BC-3 (Polyvinylidene-Chloride) - 142m3 / m
  • BC-4 (Vinylone) - 55m3 / m

Flow Rate for Bio-Cord Applications

When water flows at a proper speed, that prevents bacteria from fixing on Bio-Cord too much. So the bacteria works well and the treatment goes well. In experiments that have been done there was no problem when water speed was 50cm / second in the river application.

River Applications in Japan

In Japan, many of the riverbeds and sides are covered with concrete therefore it makes the dwelling of microorganisms less and less. When the Bio-Cord is at the bottom of the river, it becomes the dwelling for microorganisms.

The aim of this method is by setting the Bio-Cord at the bottom of the river directly to reduce flow sludge loading.

It's principle is based on self purification that the river has originally and self purification makes use of that. The water flow contact with the bio-membrane which fixes on the surface of the riverbed and then these bio-membranes oxidize and analysis organic compound in the water.

Contact material is used to replace the past methods, which is sand.

The main characteristic is that its large surface area and much space makes it an ideal environment and dwelling for many kinds of microorganisms. Contact material is made of small fibers, so microorganisms can attach to the surface easily.

Because Bio-Cord is lightweight and void fraction is large, its installation and maintenance is easy.

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